直前の案内となってしまいましたが、26日(土)夕方五時放送の「住人十色」(毎日放送 8ch)で、昨年竣工しました愛知県津島市の五角形の家「Pentagonal-house」が紹介されます。関西のみの放映のようですが、この家に興味を持っていただいている方はぜひご覧になって頂ければと思います。

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  1. Invitation from Artpower International Publish Co., Ltd.
    I am Ruth, an editor from Artpower International Publish Co., Ltd. of Hong Kong. Our company, founded in 2004, specializes in editing & publishing of books related to art & design. We have gone through 6 years of development and provided plentiful resources for many design enterprises, institutes and art academies. Our books are sold to countries all over the world, such as USA/UK/Spain/Italy/Turkey/Japan/Korea/Singapore/China, etc via online shops and book stores. Our readers are from different nations and cultures, among whom some very famous designers are included.

    Lately, our company is working on a new book about the unique designs of Tea Houses (Tea bars, Tea rooms, Chashitsu). As it is known to all, Tea House represents a country’s traditional culture. At the same time the recreational and retro concept it conveys makes it a revived fashion in today’s busy urban life. The main aim of this book is to collect outstanding works of Tea houses in various styles and to show the readers these splendid designs.

    Basically what we’re doing now is to gather gorgeous works from excellent designers and design studios all over the world. We have viewed your works on your homepage (Your “Ming Cha Tea House ” Designs). They are all so amazing and some of them are in perfect match with what we want to present in this book. Hence, we wonder whether you could send us some of your fine works for publishing.

    We hope you could send us continuous photos of your work with interior layout, which could serve as a full display of your design, and contain photos of the tea house from its entrance, porch, lobby, main service room, private service rooms, and especially the kitchen, the warehouse and the display cabinet. Photos showing details are preferred.

    When your works are published, we would have your company name, brief introduction and contact information noted in the book so that readers who love them can find a way to contact you.

    If you are willing to provide some works, we hope you could send us the materials as follows:

    1. Image with high resolution of 300dpi, CMYK, JPG or TIF format

    2. Description of each design about 100 words

    3. Introduction of your design studio which covers 100 to 200 words, using Third-person

    4. A photo of the design team

    At the last stage of editing, we’ll e-mail you again for your approval of the overall layout and we also make a final confirmation of the works introduction and designer (design studio) information, so as to avoid mistakes.

    We sincerely hope that we would have the chance to cooperate with you. Thank you for your time and look forward to hear from you.

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    Artpower International Publish Co., Ltd.



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